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Delight in the Magic of You

Every instance of nurturing touch has the possibility of changing the world. Whether touch is a language you're already fluent in, or you'd like to learn how to receive even more, you'll be heard, seen, and adored at every step of the journey.





Body Whispering

We invite you into the celebration of your beautiful, intelligent, aware body. What would your life be like if you were constantly in the thrum of the joyful embodiment that is possible?


There's a sense of playfulness that we can be with our bodies...

Where we can perceive the way the wind shakes the branches lightly

and we can experience this as the tree, the branch, the wind, the air,

the bird nesting in the branches...


What if your body is here to be so much more of a contribution to you than you've ever known it could be?

And what if soft, focused, present, turned on touch could help you tap into your knowing, your awareness, your gentleness, your rhythms, your BEING

more than ever before?


Can you receive the gift of you, as softly as the breeze through the trees?

What gift of you, floating, nurtured, timeless, can you now allow to permeate your very being?


Are you ready to have ALL of you, including your sweet, lovable body?




​​Welcome to  The Body Acoustic

Where we believe that conscious touch can create a more conscious world. The Body Acoustic is a mobile Wellness Center providing bodywork and body magic any place where we can contribute, recognizing that each of us plays a role in the Acoustical Universe we all live in and are connected to.

What do people say about a session with Sara?


See more about what's on offer and have what she's having here.

Ready for the

Elegance of Touch?

Find out more about nourishing your body here.

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