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Allow yourself to melt, receive, be witnessed, be nurtured. With Sara's skilled approach to touch, you'll find yourself welcomed back home, to the sweet nest of your body so that you can shine in the world even more.

Conscious touch is an invitation to live with no barriers, and total awareness at all times.


If you gave your body the gift of you, what could you choose beyond that?

If you're ready to experience the elegance of touch, you're in the right place...


Energetic Bodywork -  $350
Bodies speak the language of energy. Give your body the gift of energy and magic. Access Consciousness Body Processes plus Advanced Processes and Symphony Sessions available.
CranioSacral -  $350
Let me trace the patterns of your body's CranioSacral rhythms to enhance the flow throughout your entire body. Tap into the ocean within. Release old patterns. Allow yourself to experience new patterns of harmony.
Relaxing Massage ~  $350

Melt, melt, melt. Receive, receive, receive. Body pampering with nurturing Massage oils and Decadent Essential Oils. Long, slow strokes, honoring your body as you melt and  leave any stress behind. Let your breath lead the way. Leave your cares behind. This is your life. Ease is your birthright.

Honey & Cacao -  $350
Energywork meets Massage meets sticky, sticky fun. Nurture your body, your skin, your sense of playfulness.  May include exotic marmelades, fresh avocados, raw honey's, coconut cacao, and more.  Body whispering meets skin love at a whole new level!
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