Sara (Saralove) has been playing with bodies for a long time. With a background in traditional Massage, she branched out to the realms of energywork and magic at a tender age and now travels the world facilitating magic with bodies and enhancing the joyful embodiment.

About Sara


Sara has a knack for  body whispering, magic and possibilities.


Working professionally with bodies since 1999, Sara developed an affinity for energy work and subtle body energies from early on in her career. CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki were pivotal teachers in her growing awareness of what is possible when working with energy instead of force.


In 2012, she was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness, which has continued to give her even more tools to address bodies and awaken magic. Sara is a Bars Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Certified Massage Therapist, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, holistic health champion and more. Sara loves to touch bodies with gentleness and nurturing and has had the pleasure to be able to travel extensively, providing her unique, intuitive bodywork throughout the world.




"My session with SaraLove was unlike any that I had experienced before. The energy and space of her was so willing to meet me where I was and to go wherever I went, where my body went. It was truly incredible, and truly life changing. My body and I were Sooooo Happy and Sooooo Grateful!! Sara has a beautiful recipe of kindness, gentleness and nurturing; served with grace and presence - delightfully delicious Thank You, Lovely SaraLove."

 - Keisha Clark


"10 minutes of touch changed my world. I could perceive my stance shifting as Sara moved her hands around my body. By the end I was standing taller and has a softer presence. Sara's gentleness and beauty shifted my world!! I am truly grateful! Thank you!!"

 - Teresa Thompson